Resin 3D Printed Game Pieces

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Resin 3D Printed Game Pieces

Do you have a favorite character from a game you play and wish you had a physical piece of this character? Custom game pieces, DnD game pieces, custom chess set, 3D Pokémon, 3D Avengers, custom monopoly pieces. the options are unlimited.

Excellent gift for ones who like to collect miniature figurines, can be a décor for desk, shelves, men's cave, nightstand or used while playing your favorite table top game.

This figures are scaled around 32mm, but other size options are available
If you require a different size, please feel free to reach out!
Minis are printed in a flat gray resin and are not primed.

As 3D printing is not perfect, miniatures may have small markings or sanding marks from the clean up process. It is our goal to make sure those markings are as minimal as possible, because after buying a miniature, why would you want to have to do more work?