Hand Crafted 40 d6 Wooden Dice Box

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Hand Crafted 40 d6 Wooden Dice box

Made especially for players of Warhammer, Pathfinder, and other favorite table top pen and paper role playing (RPG) games. Store your favorite set of dice in their own hardwood box featuring powerful magnetic closure and laser engraved artwork on the lid. Highest strength grade N52 rare earth magnets keep the lid secure. We feel our boxes make a great personal gaming accessory, wonderful gift for your favorite fellow player, game or and will last for a lifetime of adventure – or even longer.


Fits 40 d6 dice. 

Other sizes available 


Length 9"
Width 5"
Height 1 1/2" 

Get your name engraved on the box to add that special touch.

*Dice Not Included*

*Please note: due to the natural variations in wood color, grain & detail, items may vary slightly from the picture.

***Safety Warning*** These products contain small magnets. Keep magnets away from small children as they pose a serious choking risk and possible injury to internal organs if swallowed. Seek immediate medical attention if any magnets have been swallowed or inhaled. Recommended for ages 9 and up.